We provide Panorama solutions  which bring Google Map Street View effect to customers. It is available as Flash and HTML5 application which is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android).


Support both Flash and HTML5

High-performance and high-quality rendering

Highly-customizable and has a flexible and dynamic xml scripting system which allows realizing own ideas and features.

Wide-range of supported panoramic formats and image file-formats

  • Cube and Cubestrip Images
  • Spherical Panos (360×180)
  • Cylindrical Panos
  • Partial Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos
  • Flat Images
  • Cubical QTVR files (.mov)
  • Zoomify Images
  • Object Movies (=Multi-Frame-Flat-Images)
  • Panoramic Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)
  • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
  • TIFF / BigTIFF (*.tif, *.tiff, *.btf, *.tf8, *.bigtiff)
  • Photoshop Document and Photoshop Big Document (*.psd, *.psb)
  • Kolor Raw (*.kro)

Multi-Resolution split up into many small tiles. And these small tiles will be loaded piece by piece and only when needed. This makes is possible to view also very large images quick and fast and with a few memory need.

Normal Panorama

Examples Panoramas with a normal resolution, typical fullscreen resolution



Virtual Tour

By linking several panos together, e.g. by Hotspots, Maps, Thumbnails, Select Boxes or any other custom actions, it is possible to build full featured virtual tours.


  • 5 Normal Resolution Fullscreen Panos.
  • Pano/room navigation by animated hotspots and stacking thumbnails.
  • Manually defined moving-transitions / blending.
  • ‘Fly-out’ images in the first room.
  • Support both HTML5 and Flash

Demo (HTML5)

Demo (Flash)

Demo (Google Map)

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