AI Chatbot

Create a chatbot that fully automates conversations at every stage of your marketing and sales funnel. Engage and convert visitors, and help your customers.

Leave repetitive questions to chatbots so your team can focus on questions that require human touch. Connect Chatbot for efficient customer service.

What can Chatbot do for you?

Help you do marketing in any time and place, and find more niches on the platform.

24/7 brand marketing assistance 
Through the well-designed script, all year-round chatbot helps you promote the product and engage consumers with the interesting interaction mode. Instantly update goods and services to increase customer stickiness effectively.

Discover potential customers
Analyse background data to sort out the data of each user who has chatted with the Chatbot, and use it to find out potential customers. Be your best assistant to collect customer information.

Accurate marketing
Chatbot will remember the buttons and content that the customers like from the course of the conversation, and modify the script for the customer’s Q&A. Two-way conversation can build customers’ credit and satisfaction with brand.

How we work

  • 1. Define your objectives

  • 2. Setup your questions and answers

  • 3. Install the code on your website or Facebook Page.

  • 4. Report will be sent at a regular basis

  • 5. Train and optimize the Chatbot

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