Ecommerce provides a new way of doing business, allowing companies and individuals to sell goods and services online to a wide international audience. The easiest and fastest way to create your own online store is to find an advanced ecommerce solution. Our HelloShop eShop comes with a full range of powerful features and tools to help you build and manage your ecommerce website even with minimum technical background.

O2O Interactive Consumer Experience

Smart Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk Display
Provide up-to-date product information and create immersive shopping experience.

Digital Coupons
Drive Sales and increase customer loyalty.

Personalised Product Recommendations
Based on AI and machine learning to significantly increase conversions.

Digital Signage

In order to unleash the full capability of our software, we need state of the art hardware.

All the digital signage you got from us we put top of the line hardware inside, from playing a smooth video, HD image, fast reaction touch monitor to large size memories. Our digital signage giving you the best experience for all kinds of user. Besides, we have different rental programs to help you when you start your business in HK, even just exhibit in exhibition or a quick event for your customer.

Want to improve business efficiency

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