Social Analytics

The use of social analytics is critical in today’s times for brands that want to make a mark. Not listening to social media conversations can be costly because it can lead to expensive mistakes. But due to the overwhelming nature of the large amount of available data, that’s exactly what’s happening with many businesses leveraging social media.

By using our social analytics tools to not only capture, but also interpret conversations in the social media arena, brands can make real sense of their data. They can actually extract valuable insights by focusing on the signals, and avoiding the noise surrounding the social media world.

Facebook Rolling Industry Report
The report can help to generate quick and easy customized market insights. In fact, it’s an automate Industry Report that shows the major brands’ pages in Hong Kong of their current to past 90 days performance overview. A valuable tools for any organization to track of the hottest keywords progress and showing industry trends.

How can the answer help?

  • Compare major brands performance within the industry
  • Quickly find out the best performing content
  • Keep track with your industry posts content
  • Easily spot overlapping audience across industries
  • Discover collaboration opportunities
  • Flexible time selection, pick any analysis period within 90 days.

How we work

  • 1. Define your target industry

  • 2. Create a Gmail account

  • 3. Give authorization and done

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